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the Gambi project presents

Dear guests!

Welcome to Gambi, an online website providing the widest range of coin operated, amusement, arcade, gaming,  video game and other entertaining equipment and attractions.

Gambi is useful online information source for heads of companies which create sale and amusement business and for everyone who wish to be up on news in world amusement industry.

On Gambi you will find full information about  novelty,  gaming areas necessary for any amusement park, entertaining complex, kids club, bowling club, cinema and all businesses in leisure and amusement sphere.

Gambi contains full information about amusement & leisure industries: news, ratings of entertaining equipment from different producers all over the world, technical specifications of amusement equipment, descriptions of existing gaming centers and other necessary information you are looking for.

rating of amusement equipment

video simulators

  1. Need for Speed Underground / STD
  2. The Fast and the Furious / STD
  3. House of the Dead 4 / STD
  4. Target: Terror
  5. ATV Track
  6. Time Crisis 3 / STD
  7. Vortek V3 / STD
  8. San Francisco Rush 2049
  9. Crisis Zone / STD
  10. Cruisn Exotica / STD

redemption games

  1. Feeding Frenzy
  2. Spray Gun
  3. Deep Freeze
  4. Horse Play
  5. Bustin Balloons
  6. Hammer
  7. Cow Tipping
  8. Chameleon Paradise
  9. Hammer Head
  10. Cyclone

We represent novelties of the world of entertainments.
Sega Rally 3 Launched
About Fast Action Redemption Games

These are  games of the increased appeal to visitors

top model:

The House Of The Dead 4SP / SDX
Part of Sega range of super deluxe cabinet. House of the Dead 4 now comes in a massive mini theatre looking cabinet, which actually moves


7.12.09 | H2Overdrive a success at Preview 2010

24.11.09 | GTI Asia Taipei Expo 2010

20.11.09 | IAAPA 2009

27.10.09 | Super Street Fighter IV not getting an arcade release

5.10.09 | Sega Europe and Game Concepts to work together

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